Free Printable Christmas Expense Tracker and Planner

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How many times have you completely depleted the funds allotted for Christmas spending? It is very simple to do so, especially if you do not have a spending plan for each of the categories you spend money on, such as meals, gifts, decorations, and trips. Because of this, we have designed this Christmas Budget Planner for you to print out and use to keep track of your expenditures throughout the holiday season. It will assist you in ensuring that you are aware of the destination of each and every dollar!



At the end of December, many of us checked our bank accounts and the statements that came with our credit cards and wondered, “Where did all of my money go?” Establishing a spending plan is essential if you wish to prevent experiencing “price shock” during the holiday shopping season. You may easily direct your money to the categories and goods you’ve allowed for by using our handy and user-friendly budget planner to keep track of your spending patterns and direct your money there.


On the budget planner as well as in the piece that follows, we have outlined the Christmas spending categories that account for the majority of the annual total. In addition to assisting you in sticking to the spending limit you’ve set for the holidays, the following are some suggestions that can help you save money across the board!



The vast majority of us spend the most money on Christmas presents than any other category combined. If you are not careful, you could find up spending hundreds of dollars more than you had initially budgeted for Christmas shopping between buying presents for your children, your parents, your coworkers, your nieces and nephews, your siblings, and the list goes on and on. Try some of these suggestions to get your spending under control in this category:


Request a Christmas wish list from the people you are buying gifts for as early as possible so that you can make your purchases at the optimal time. When it is at all possible, you should make every effort to avoid going shopping and paying full price in the days leading up to Christmas.

Try to keep the number of presents you get for your own kids to a minimum. When we want to provide our children with the best of everything, it is EASILY possible to go overboard. However, by reducing the total amount of items they get, they will have more time to savor each one rather than having to race through the mountain of presents. The “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read” gifting approach is favored by some parents of young children.

Participate in a gift swap with extended family members using only homemade items. Whether it’s an exchange of food items or knitted scarves, giving gifts that you’ve created yourself can be more personal, and it can also save you money. These M&M’s Fudge & Peppermint Cookie Brownie Bars are perfect for giving as homemade edible presents!



The week after Christmas is the greatest time to shop for Christmas decorations; but, if you are unable to wait until after the holidays to do your shopping, here are some ideas to save money on Christmas decorations:


Create your very own! Homemade Christmas decorations can be constructed in a wide variety of inventive ways using items that are already in your home.

Participate in an ornament exchange with some friends and trade ornaments that you already own. Changing your theme with the help of this simple and entertaining method may be a lot of fun.

Refresh worn-out ornaments by giving them a new coat of paint, glitter, or other embellishments. For some ideas, take a look at our Personalized Glitter Ornaments.

Check the local yard sale pages on Facebook as well as Bargain Finders to see if anyone is selling decorative items at a low price.

Free Printable Christmas Expense Tracker and Planner

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