Top 15+ tips for new crochet beginners

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Top 15+ tips for new crochet beginners



New to crocheting? Then you are right here! Today, here are 20 crochet tips to help you pick up a new crochet trick.If you’re new to crocheting, stick with it anyway.See if there’s an opportunity to improve your technique. is always a good idea.


Tip: 1.

Know your thread What are skeins, how many, what weight or type do you need? If you’re unfamiliar with all the types of yarn out there, go to your local yarn or hobby store and check them out Weight, type, color and softness all play a role depending on the project you choose.


Tip: 2.

Familiarize yourself with the crochet hook. There are labeled sizes. Most projects need a hook somewhere between H and L. Multipacks like this work well. Size N is another size that works well for projects that require bulky yarn.

Tip:  3.

There are several basic stitches that form the basis of any crochet project.These include slip knots, chain stitches, and single crochet stitches. There are some great step-by-step videos to help you out.


Tip: 4.

What if you find a pattern you like, but prefer a different thread color? This tutorial will help you choose colors that complement each other.



Tip: 5.

Using empty toilet paper cores or pill bottles, Center Draw He can make yarn balls without having to buy an expensive ball roller.


Tip: 6.

An 8 liter plastic container holds 5-6 balls of yarn for the same project. The holes in the lid keep things organized and tangled!


Tip: 7.

This is a great tip if you travel a lot and carry projects with you. All you need is a large plastic cup with a domed lid. Thread it through the hole in the top of the lid and you can easily tackle projects without the thread rolling off your lap in the car or on the plane.


Tip: 8.

Cheap yarn is stiff, but if you want to save money on a project, try this method of softening the yarn after the project is complete.All you need is shampoo and conditioner, and it works great!


Tip: 9.

Granny Square is a good skill to have in your arsenal as you can do many projects with this simple square. A great tutorial to learn how to crochet grandma’s squares.

 Tip: 10.

When you get to the end of your project, do you know how to weave the ends to get it right? The Fiber Flux blog shows you how to accomplish this in a variety of ways. I like to weave it through the bottom row of stitches with a tapestry needle.


Tip: 11.

Beginners to crochet definitely need to learn how to crochet with a round, and this excellent tutorial will help them master it.


Tip: 12.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of lifting knots, chain stitches and single crochet, one of the next stitches to master is the half double crochet. Click the link for a great tutorial that shows you how!


Tip: 13.

Learn double crochet for the front bar before making the blanket. It is a stitch that adds texture to the work, so it is a stitch that you should definitely remember.


Tip: 14

Looking for a great tutorial to help you master slipstitch crochet? Check out Fiber Flux.


Tip: 15.

Once you’ve mastered all the basic crochet stitches, you can combine them all into one stitch to look and feel like a pro. This is the Catherine wheel stitch, using the basic stitches you learned. A small pinwheel is created during the work and it looks great.


Tip: 16

Feeling a little lost in the world of crochet? Try our online crochet courses. There is also a course for left-handers!


Tip: 17

Use small clothespins for the first few rows of the project to keep the edges from curling and take a closer look at how the edges are formed.


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