Free Amazing Motivational Wall Art Quote Printable

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Free Amazing Motivational Wall Art Quote Printable

Free Amazing Motivational Wall Art Quote Printable


There is so much power in a good inspirational quote! It can remind us to step back and breathe deeply, bring our attention back to God, and always keep Him and His commandments at the forefront of our minds.


This beautiful printable motivational wall art quote will encourage and uplift your heart today!


Beautiful motivational wall art with free printable quote


This quote is something I personally needed to hear today (I said it in my own heart) and that’s why I created it for you, hoping it will remind you too !


As a blogger, teacher, mother, friend, we want and hope for the betterment of the people around us, to whom we teach or to whom we impart our wisdom. However, it’s really up to YOU ​​if they become wisdom collectors or if they actually TAKE the golden advice and wisdom we offer them.


What is a Wisdom Collector?


A wisdom collector is one who constantly absorbs wisdom, but does not apply any of it to his own personal life. collect wisdom collectors. They never USE what they have. They never change or progress. They refuse to act to really grow in the Lord.


I have a few friends in my life that I coined the word for, wisdom collectors. They run to me for any problems they have. They CONSTANTLY want to talk to me, they constantly want me to share my wisdom with them because they know it is good and precious and it comes from God, but when it comes to the point, all they do is collect. NEVER APPLY! They are gatherers of wisdom.


I’m not here for THOSE people – 1 Timothy 3: 5 makes it perfectly clear. The Bible says not to throw pearls before swine (Matthew 7: 6). Why give wisdom to someone who doesn’t apply it? It’s useless and it’s not good for anyone. Instead, focus your time on the people who really WANT to change!


We can’t change other people, no matter how much we want what’s best for them. If they can’t see it and refuse to act, there is nothing we can do (except pray for them, which is tremendous power). Only GOD can change other people … and HE CAN !!!


The point here is not to try to change other people. Take your requests to the Lord and live your life as a testimony of Jesus Christ. Be an example to everyone you meet and to everyone you see that you have what you have and do what you do because of God and FOR HIM.


Quote: “We are not here to change others, we are here to set an example for those who want to change” – Sarah Titus


This inspirational printable quote has such a beautiful design that is suitable for anyone, at any age and can be used for so many different things! The black and white life quotes design makes it easy to mix and match with any interior style you have.

Free Amazing Motivational Wall Art Quote Printable


Download the wall artwith quote printable here. 

Creative ways to use this print version:


This beautifully designed print template can be used in so many ways! Here are some ideas…


Frame this printable wall art on your desk, nightstand, etc. When we can see and remember something, it makes a difference in how we see a situation! Frame this beautiful art and place it on your home desk, nightstand, dresser, or any other surface you see! You can also hang it on the walls if you prefer.


If you are a blogger, put it next to your computer to inspire you to move forward, even if few others bother you. The same goes for teachers. Put it on the walls of your classroom, put it on your desk or in your diary. Somewhere you will often see to remind you. It’s a super cute and attractive design that will look like something you bought at Hobby Lobby! The only difference is that this is free. BOOYA!


You can also use bright highlighters to color the design if you want to add something extra to the design!


It will not only become a cute decoration in your home, office or classroom, but a subtle all day reminder to ask God for the peace you need!


Offer free printable art quotes as gifts to friends / family


Do you know a friend or family member who may be going through a difficult situation? Someone being bullied, a mother living with an unsaved husband, your child in a bad relationship? Giving them this gift will be a subtle hint to them that there is more to it than trying to change someone.


This printable motivational quote is such a thoughtful and beautiful gift to give!


You can buy a cute frame or make a notebook with a wooden frame and add it printable inside. Your friend or relative will be so encouraged and it’s a great way to brighten their day no matter what they’re going through!


Whether it’s a difficult situation at work, a rebellious child or a separated family member, this is sure to be a helpful reminder for him!


This beautiful motivational quote printable template is perfect for helping ANYONE struggling.

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