Printable Household Folder {150+ pages}

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Printable Household Folder {150+ pages}

Printable Household Folder {150+ pages}



I used to have to work 80-120 hours a week because I just couldn’t manage to organize my life. As a single mom, I turn a LOT of plates. But I started making folders when there were no folders at all, and they have changed my life forever!


Now I am so organized (I only have to work part time now because I am so focused). I literally have a binder for everything, and today you can get my super popular household binder for FREE when you purchase this course here!


If you’re an organization freak like me who loves to have everything nice and tidy in one place, then this household binder set is for you!


Printable organization folders will organize your life in incredible ways, making sure you can find and access your most important information quickly. Because who doesn’t hate paper clutter? And paper clutter seems to be the #1 monster in so many households.


This housekeeping binder is a great way to get a handle on the clutter. Just take a few baseball card sleeves to hold your bank cards, SSN cards, or coupons, and print out the sheets you need to organize your life!


There are spine templates in a variety of sizes to fit whatever binder you have on hand…. So you don’t need to buy a new binder. Just use one you already have and you’re good to go.


If you need a binder, you can find the right ones on Amazon here:


1-inch binders

1 1/2-inch binder

2-inch binder

3-Inch Binders

4-Inch Binder

As a girl who loves to print every day, I need a printer that doesn’t cost a fortune. I literally change my ink every 2-3 months, no kidding. I have tried many printers and this one is by far my absolute favorite.


HP OfficeJet Pro 8620


It has print, scan, fax, copy, and web capabilities. I haven’t used the fax and web functions yet, but it really does a great job for everything else!


For paper, I use regular copy paper, but sometimes I use the thicker cardstock paper. Sometimes Amazon has it, sometimes they don’t, but it’s the best brand and I only use it.


It lasts a super long time because I have 1 3/4 packs left and I last bought it 2 years ago!


For the dividers, I actually just use the cardstock paper on top and glue little tabs to the sides. I find this is the absolute cheapest solution and I can design them however I want.


For a hole punch, I use this one (the light glows green so you know you’re lined up correctly!).


What goes into a household binder?

A household binder should have categories, sections, and content that fit YOUR needs exactly to keep a lean home. You don’t need to include certain information or categories just because they are commonly found in a household binder. You want everything to be unique to you. This is a guide to help you run your home without chaos, so it should only include what you personally need to do so. Some ideas for categories you could include are: Finances, Cleaning, Goals, Meal Planning, Contacts, Kids, Family, and Health.


Be sure to balance the amount of information you really need. If there is too much unnecessary information, it will simply become overwhelming and interfere with managing your home (plus, you won’t want to use it; it will overwhelm you), and if there isn’t enough information, it won’t do its job of helping you! It’s a balance.


What is a household binder?

A household binder is a structured and organized way to store all the details and information for your household in a single place. You can set up categories for all the areas that are important to managing and maintaining a well-run household, so you can see all the important information and necessary tasks for each area. If someone needed to fill in for a while in your household, this would be the ideal place to quickly understand what is needed to keep your household running smoothly. It’s basically your handbook for a calm and chaos-free home and family life.


How do I make a household organizer?

If you really want to organize your life so that it doesn’t get messy anymore, here’s what you need! 

First, of course, you’ll need a binder to hold all of your contents. Next, you’ll need paper to keep your infor


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