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It’s time to plan Thanksgiving menus, crafts, games and activities for Thanksgiving Day! We’ve got you covered with a free Thanksgiving printable planner, Thanksgiving craft ideas, and a collection of Thanksgiving game ideas, including this brand new Thanksgiving scavenger hunt game! Get your copy below!


This fun Thanksgiving scavenger hunt is a great activity for the kids before Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s also the perfect activity for the whole family after dinner! Burn off dinner calories and avoid the tryptophan-induced fatigue that often follows the big Thanksgiving meal!


This fun scavenger hunt is appropriate for kids of all ages, though the youngest may need help from older kids or adults reading some of the words.



Give each participant the printable scavenger hunt checklist, a clipboard (optional, but highly recommended!), and a pen or pencil. Decide whether to play individually or in pairs (or even in small groups if you have a lot of people). If there are lots of younger kids, have them pair up with older kids who can help them read the words if needed.

Send the children through the house, into the garden, and around the neighborhood (with supervision, of course!) to discover and check off each item on their list. Note: If you have bad weather on Thanksgiving Day, you can also print out pictures of each item from the Internet and hide them around the house. This variation keeps the search fun while keeping you warm and dry inside!

There are two ways to end the game and pick a winner:

1) The first team or player to find all the items on the list and return to the original starting location wins.

2) Set a time limit and then gather back at the starting location to see who found the most items. The player or team that checked off the most items in the allotted time is the winner. (This method is preferable if you do not expect your players to be able to find all the items on the list).

In the event of a tie, we like to play a Thanksgiving word search game or Thanksgiving word puzzle to break the tie. The winner is the first person to find all the hidden words or decode all the letters.


The list of words includes items that can be found outside in nature, inside as holiday decorations, or on the Thanksgiving table, and even a “thankfulness” clue that is up to your interpretation – look for a literal “thankfulness” clue written out somewhere, or interpret it figuratively and discover someone who is thankful or something you are especially thankful for! 

With so many different ways to play this scavenger hunt game, it’s sure to become one of your favorite Thanksgiving activities and a new family tradition!


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