Camp Care Packages


Camp Care Packages


Camp care applications permit your camper recognize they’re for your mind even if they’re now no longer there.  A care bundle is likewise a superb manner to ship encouragement. This is Bella’s first time at a church camp, so we despatched her a few love withinside the mail! Campers will love those summer time season camp care applications!


With all of those care bundle ideas, it is smooth to ship a few love withinside the mail! Whether it is for college kids or ill friends, you will locate some thing special.





Each little tag turned into connected to a small present that I recognize she would really like and will use at camp.  I desired the sayings to be encouraging, and due to the fact that she is at church camp, I desired to inspire her to deepen her courting with God.



It turned into first rate smooth to make and I’m supplying you with all of the templates to print out so that you could make a care bundle too! I even have  pages of tags. Use what you want to make your bundle match your child.






Let HIM be your rock! – Pop Rocks Candy

HE made you EXTRA special! – Extra Weapon

Let your mild shine! – Anything that glows withinside the darkish or a flashlight.

Let your mild shine earlier than others, that they will see your top deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Faith is sort of a seed, plant it and it’ll grow! – Sunflower Seeds

Jesus loves you, I recognize that due to the fact the Bible tells me so

Treat others the manner you need them to deal with you! – Rice Krispie Treats

He is the potter and you’re the clay. Let him mould you. – Plasticine or Silly Putty

Let Jesus be your strength, now and later!  – Candy now and later

I am capable of do all matters via Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

God bless you – a tour percent of tissues

With Jesus all matters are “bearable”! – Gummy endure sweet

I wish camp is complete of fun! – Starburst candies

We love you greater than anything! – Reeces Pieces sweet or a puzzle

God could be there for you in all of your ups and downs – yo yo

You are the mild of the global – Flashlight

Let God’s love bubble up in you! – Bubbles

Confused? Talk to God. – Riddles, crossword puzzles, phrase searches or Mad Libs.

Jesus is your existence saver!  – Lifesaver Candy

Something all of the sudden to permit you to recognize we are deliberating you. – Something blue like a percent of Oreos.

Let the Lord be your fortunate hand! – A deck of cards, or a deck of cards

Let God make your global colorful! – Markers, gel pens, coloring book, or sketchbook.

Seek the Lord with all of your heart! – Magnifying Glass Class

Camp will fly by! Have fun! – Frisbee or toy airplane



In a pinch, you will have the appropriate manner to ship a bit love withinside the mail! It’s a superb manner to make camp greater special!



There’s greater! Care bundle tags for church camp In a pinch, you’ve got got the appropriate manner to ship a bit love withinside the mail!



Kids also can revel in amassing their friends’ autographs.  This is an smooth manner to make a memento from camp.


I love adorable sayings to make a smart present. Check out most of these adorable sayings for instructor gifts. Some might be ideal for a care bundle.


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